Introduction to ThirdFi

ThirdFi is building DeFi infrastructure middleware with all-in-1 API

ThirdFi makes DeFi accessible with an all-in-1 API - DeFi Middleware is a DeFi infrastructure middleware with an all-in-1 API.

The global decentralized finance market size is expected to reach $232 billion by 2030 at a CAGR of 42%! DeFi is a fast-growing segment in the intersection between blockchain & finance, and institutional adoption is accelerating with compliant, better technology and developer tools.

ThirdFi's mission

  • DeFi infrastructure middleware to bridge tradFi to Web3 finance,

  • Help developers, fintech, and tradFi to build, trade, invest & manage their DeFi,

  • Offering powerful API, SDK, and developer-friendly tools with all-in-1 API integration.

Customer Segments:

📌Developer: boost speed & efficiency in launching DeFi product with open source SDK,

📌Liquidity provider: provide liquidity according to your risk appetite, with 1-click API,

📌DeFi traders: execute trading strategies and access to spot and derivatives DeFi protocols,

📌Web3 startup: Easily integrate MPC wallet, account abstraction, and on-ramp crypto payment solutions.

Backed by Techstars Web3, Outlier Ventures, and other investors, our vision is to build the best DeFi infrastructure and onboard the next billion people to web3 finance by making DeFi accessible, selling "picks and shovels".

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