What is ThirdFi?

ThirdFi is a web3 infrastructure protocol built to empower decentralized finance (DeFi) with an emphasis on interoperability and middleware solutions with developer-friendly API implementations. You can read more about us in this article.

What is ThirdFi's main goal and vision?

At ThirdFi, our vision is to provide a scalable and interoperable interface between different infrastructure protocols for DeFi. Our solution is a web3 finance middleware with API solutions, a multi-chain relayer, and cross-chain infrastructure.

This infrastructure will empower the open-source developer movement and accelerate the adoption of DeFi, onboarding the next billion people to the world of decentralized finance.

How does ThirdFi work?

ThirdFi provides a scalable and interoperable interface between different infrastructure protocols for DeFi with our API solutions. ThirdFi API works as a middleware between any dapp you are building and various multi-chain DeFi protocols. Once you connect ThirdFi API to your app, your app has direct access to DEXes, on-chain liquidity pools, fiat-to-crypto payment gateways, and borrowing & lending protocols on DeFi real-time.

How can I be part of ThirdFi?

The first step for you to participate in ThirdFi is to join our Discord community. Many initiatives are going on in our community, and all announcements and project updates will be broadcasted from there. You can also get educational content as well as Defi news/ alphas in different channels or simply hang out with your web3 friends.

You can also follow us on any social platform stated here or simply send us an email at hello@thirdfi.org

What is the benefit of being an Alpha Builder?

Alpha Builders will be able to get these benefits below.

  • Access special channels with DeFi Digest & Alpha on Discord

  • Enter into an airdrop pool of $1m worth of ThirdFi Tokens

  • Get other exclusive benefits

Can I be an Alpha Builder even if I'm not knowledgeable or technical in DeFi?

Of course! ThirdFi’s mission is to onboard anyone interested in DeFi, anyone who wants to explore the web3 space. And the Alpha Builder initiative is to award the early supporters of ThirdFi. You don’t have to be technical to be involved in ThirdFi; you can start now by joining your fellow web3/ Defi enthusiasts on our Discord. Join us and claim your “Alpha Builder” role now!

What is an API Key?

An API key (Application Programming Key) is used to authenticate yourself to an API. It was used along with a secret key to generate signatures and get authenticated by our ThirdFi backend so that you can access our ThirdFi private API.

How to generate an API Key?

On the Developer section, accessible from the left panel, you can generate new API keys or revoke the previous ones (for example, if they were leaked).

What is a Webhook?

A webhook is used to connect two different applications. Received all event logs and transaction details from ThirdFi and pass to another application (developer application).

What is a Sandbox?

A sandbox is a testing environment for developers to test the integration on testnet. So, developers do not spend any funds or assets during their development. Developers can use the sandbox environment during development for testing our ThirdFi API, which doesn't affect your production data or interact with the mainnet smart contracts.

What can I do with the ThirdFi API?

Our ThirdFi API allows developers to use our API to interact with blockchain networks. Developers can get our API data connected with developer applications.

Some major functions you can use ThirdFi API for are:

What is an on-ramp payment (Fiat-to-crypto)?

An on-ramp payment (Fiat-to-crypto) is a service that allows you to convert fiat money into cryptocurrencies. E.g., Use your fiat money(USD) converted to cryptocurrencies(BTC).

Does ThirdFi API support non-custodial/self-custody transactions?

Our ThirdFi application supports non-custodial/self-custody transactions with Metamask and WalletConnect integration.

Does ThirdFi have access to user assets?

ThirdFi does not have permission to access user assets, as we only provide the infrastructure to our users.

Does the user need to pay additional fees for the transaction?

Yes, users need to pay a gas fee to approve transactions. But thanks to Biconomy integration in ThirdFi API, users don't have to pay gas for the actual swap transactions.

Where can I suggest a new feature?

You can email us at hello@thirdfi.org, DM us on Twitter, or join our Discord. We would love to hear from you.

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